NALC Texas - September 2012

Monaghan's Raven

3rd - Conformation (9 - 12 month female)


Monaghan's Lotto

4th - Conformation (Hip Certified)

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Lotto for earning her NALC Conformation Champion Title and earning Monaghan Catahoulas our 14th Championship title!!!!


Monaghan's (BB Flatwood) Gris Gris

4th - 2-Dog Treeing (with Moffitt's Spook)


Koon's Nashoba

3rd - Conformation (9-12 month male)

2nd - Hog Baying (B-Bay)

Reserve High Point Male - Hog Baying (B-Bay)

This was Nashoba's second NALC working event at only 11 months old and he competed against a feld of 70+ dogs. Good Boy!!!


Monaghan's Snap

4th - Conformation (Hip Certified)


Moffitt's Spook

4th - 2-Dog Treeing (with Monaghan's Gris Gris)

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Spook for earning his NALC Treeing Champion Title and earning Monaghan Catahoulas our 15th Championship title!!!!