Quint Grand Champion of Champions TM Callie

(Sandhill's Beau Dacious X Missy Last Chance)

Birthdate: February 2000


TM Callie is a NALC Quint Grand Champion of Champions.  Her champion titles are: Conformation Champion, Obedience Champion, Treeing Champion, Class B-Hog Bay Champion, and Obedience Grand Champion of Champions.  

Callie won the 2005 NALC Nationals Competitions in Obedience, Treeing, Class B-Hog Bay, and the Nationals High Point Class B-Hog Bay, thereby earning four belt buckles!!! Her buckles can be seen on her Awards Page.  Also, she has been consistently ranked in the top ten NALC standings in various events since the 2002/2003 show season.  After winning the title of Quint Grand Champions of Champions in April of 2006, Callie was retired from competition. 

Callie is also “renowned” for her role as ‘Cilantro’ in three Louisiana Lottery commercials.  It was really fun to see her on T.V.   Now, on the other hand, the filming of the commercials was absolutely exhausting for both of us.   Even so, it was a truly great experience and one I will always remember..

Callie is the first, the most special, and what I refer to as my “personal” dog.  She is the most versatile all-around-dog anybody could ever hope to own.  She possess the highest multiple championship title obtainable in the NALC champion system.  Callie is an outstanding dog for training young dogs in hog baying and treeing.  Plus, she is the perfect baby-sitter for my niece Caroline.