Introducing.....Monaghan's (BB Flatwood) Gris-Gris

(Casey's Tuff Enough X Facahatchee's Raincloud)

Raincloud is owned by our very close friends Steven and Charlene Blum at BB Flatwood Catahoulas. Just put these two dogs' pedigrees side by side, and you will understand why we entered into this private treaty breeding between our kennels.

.BiBirthdate: March 2011

Gris-gris (pronounced "gree-gree") comes from the French word gris which means grey, hence a combination of black (negative) and white (positive) magic. Gris-gris was the most powerful of all charms and also the most expensive, and it could be used for good or ill.

An essential element of New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's magic was gris-gris. Gris-gris lives on today in popular culture. Even nowadays in the New Orleans area, it is not uncommon to hear the expression "to put gris-gris on it," meaning to perform some task so astonishingly well it seems as if magic is being used. Or the expression can be used with a negative meaning, as if a hex were placed on a particular action.

Gris-Gris is an awesome young dog. She is NALC pointed in Conformation and Treeing. She won Reserve Best-In-Show Female at the Texas September 2011 show at just 6 months old. Additionally, Gris-Gris and Miss Mona won 1st place in the 2-Dog Amateur at the June 2012 Hickory Crossing Baying in Hartwell, GA. She reminds me alot of her dam, Facahatchee's Raincloud. A big thanks to Charlene and Steven Blum for such a great dog and for letting her carry my kennel name.