Welcome to a Thanksgiving Weekend @ Monaghan Catahoulas.

These short days during the winter weeks are a real 'bummer'. So we took advantage of a nice long weekend and some exceptional weather to enjoy some Catahoula fun.


Mona says "I just know something is in here, come give me a hand guys'.

Time for a dip in the pond to cool off.

Spook dives in.

Tuff Chance says "Wait on me Paw Paw, I want to come too"!

The Gals playing tug-of-war

The farm

Give it back 'sis', I had it first!

But Mom.......

Pretty girl - Monaghan's Ghost

And....Sandhill's Miss Mona, hunting for those monster sized moles

Do I look like my mom, or what?

I see it too!

Tuff with his matching grand babies, now let's talk about those genes.


LOOK! Company from Colorado came to visit. Avery is out of Tuff and Koon's Blue, who is a half sister to our Mona. So I guess that makes these two half sister & brother - plus some.

"I have never seen one of these critters before...come on sis show me how it's done".

Piece of cake - I've got him now.