Conformaton Ch Monaghan's Lotto

(Casey’s Tuff Enough X Sandhill’s Miss Mona

Birthdate: August 16, 2007

OFA Fair

Lotto mostly favors Tuff in her build and structure.  She is well-balanced with a deep chest, straight top-line, nice square head, and sparkling glass eyes.  Lotto is doing a great job in following in her parents ‘paw prints’.  At only 8 months old she competed in the 2008 NALC Texas trials and placed 4th in Conformation and 4th in the 2-Dog Treeing!  This was her first competition, as well as, her first weekend travel experience, and she did an all-around great job.  More recently, she was ranked 4th in Treeing for the 2009 Nationals Competition; and went on to win a 4th place in the National's competition.

Currently, we are not competing Lotto in working events. BUT, she does get to tree the racoon and bay the hog at home. We are campaigning several of our younger up-and-coming dogs. Lotto is producing some really outstanding puppies that are being worked on cattle, hogs, racoons, and blood trailing deer. We are extremely pleased with the puppies she has produced.

Lotto is a very sweet and loving dog.  Lotto has a charming gesture, of “smiling” when she greets someone, just like her mother Mona does.  She is similar in working style to Mona and Tuff, and like all Sandhill’s and Koon’s progeny she is absolutely crazy about treeing a raccoon or squirrel.  Lotto is also what I call a “ball dog”, she will retrieve a ball as many times as you throw it for her.  She is a vivid, eye-catching, blue patchwork / leopard, that is petite in stature but not in heart or fortitude.

Lotto earned her Conformation Champion Title at the September 2012 Texas Show. Way to go my sweet, pretty girl!

Lotto Baying - She had 6 week old pups when this was filmed.