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Monaghan's Tuff Justice

Birthdate:........ May 3, 2011


Double Champion Casey's Tuff Enough

(A-Bay & B-Bay)

Lee's Badeaux Aden's Zack 4 Way Ch GoGo's Wolf River Buck
ShCh Aden's PIB's Angel
Lee's Dixie Pride Aden's Jake
Balentine's Savannah Ice
Palvick's Lilly Langtree Smokey G&V's J.E.B.
Tecumseh's Mohawk
NC Bleu's Romancing Redman Sharp's Sky Blue
Lee's Bleu Angel

Monaghan's Creole

Sandhill's Jazz-N-Blues

(Quint Gr Ch of Ch's TM Callie's 1/2 brother)

Sandhill's Beau Dacious Koon's P Rod
Stacey's Missy Maw Maw
Koon's Zoie

(Full sister to Koon's Tot)

Koon's P Rod
Stacey's Stormy Princess

3-Way Champion Sandhill's Miss Mona

(A-Bay, B-Bay & Treeing)

Nitro Rip Little
Camp-A-While's Zydeco Girl
Stacey's Miss M

(Quint Gr Ch of Ch's TM Callie's 1/2 sister)

Sandhill's Beau Dacious
Stacey's Aggie