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Moffitt's Spook

Birthdate:.. November 7, 2008


J Cross' StingRay

Comb Ch Happy Hollow's Rambler 5-Way Ch Happy Hollow's Hank Comb Ch Wishbone's Bandit
Wager's Misty
Happy Hollow's Patches Paramount's Wrangler
Excalibur's Katie
HD-B Ch Happy Hollow's Summer Breeze Copperthite's Hap Hol Bouree Camp-A-While's Roux
Keating's Blizzard
Happy Hollow's Lacie 5-Way Ch Happy Hollow's Hank
Ingram's Sadie May

El Dorado's Aretha

TriGrCh of Ch's Conch's Rowdy Boy HD-A Ch Blair's Diamond Cutter Blair's Clyde
Blair's Bonnie
QuadGrCh of Ch's Keating's Sirenia Dunbarton's Kodi Man
TD Ch Keating's Miss Prissy
BLT's Marble Ch of SH Ch's Conch's Bodie QuintGrCh of Ch's Oak Run's Cayo Conch
SH Ch Muddy River's Ceviche
Captain's Black Cassi RCL's Captain Black
Elsie Girl