Just a little bit of play....

This is what a nice, lazy, early March spring Sunday in southern Louisiana looks like at Monaghan Catahoulas. For those of you wondering, yes we do have a new addition to our kennel. He is Moffitt's Spook from Moffitt Cathoulas located in Arkansas. He will bring a nice out cross to our working and breeding program with a distant line breed. Four generations back, Spook is directly related to Callie, Tuff, and Mona. Thank you Moffitt Catahoulas for bringing us such a great pup!

Moffitt's Spook


Callie & Spook

Lotto & Spook

Monaghan's Parly - What a nice shot!!

I think I see a squirrel!

Nine Plus Years Old & Still Looking Great!


Lotto & Spook having a bit of fun.

Lotto is just like her dad, Tuff, you can't take a bad picture of her.

Lotto & Parlay

Lotto, Callie & Tuff

Where is the squirrel - I know it is up there somewhere....