Monaghan's Alli Alli Opp

Owned by the McCleary's in Ilinois

(Comb Champion Casey's Tuff Enough X 3-way Champion Sandhill's Miss Mona)

.Alli is the product of our first breeding and a litter mate to our Parlay and Lotto. Alli is owned by the McCleary family in Illinois. I could not have chosen a better home for this gal. Over the years, Kelly and I have become very dear friends. So close that she and her oldest daughter, Kayla, took a road trip in June 2009 down to bayou country. They got a first hand experience of an open hog dog trial in Wilmer, LA and the New Orleans French Quarter.

Thanks to Kelly, I now own Green Acres' Scarecrow. Crow is a pup out of Monaghan's Alli Alli Opp and Facahatchee's Gator.


Alli at home with her family

Alli playing with some of her pups


Alli at Monaghan Catahoulas - This was the June 2009 trip Kelly & Kayla made to Louisiana with Alli & Gator. This is Alli's FIRST time to ever see a hog and she fell right into the groove with her mom Sandhill's Miss Mona.


Alli with her litter mate Monaghan's Parlay. This was a real treat to see these two girls together, especially since this was just a month after Parlay's spinal injury.

Talk about 'ditto' - - do these gyps look identical in structure and personality or what!