Moffitt's Spook

(J Cross' Sting Ray X El Dorado's Aretha)

Birthdate: November 4, 2008

OFA Fair

"The dictionary defines a spook as a ghost: a specter. A secret agent or aspy. To spook someone is to haunt them, to startle them in some way as to cause momentary disturbance and shock. It's a word loaded with hidden meanings, one that can be derogatory and celebratory. Spook is a word that holds numerous connotations: a word that refuses to be limited to just one definition."

Spook comes to us from Moffitt Catahoulas. We decided it was time to bring some "new blood" into our kennel and to help Tuff out, because he was getting way out-numbered by all the girls. Spook is an excellent addition to our working and breeding program. He brings to Monaghan Catahoulas an outcross with a very distant line breed. Five generations back he is related to Callie, Tuff, Mona, Parlay and Lotto. He is just what we have been waiting and looking for in a male. He has an outstanding pedigree from proven dogs that have tons of work, loads of drive, and consistency. A big thanks to Tasha & Ben Moffitt for bringing us such a great up-and-coming dog.

Spook was entered in his first B-Bay trial when he was 5 months old at the Louisiana 2009 NALC show, and he did a great job. He has been baying the hogs and the horses here at the farm since he was 5 months old. At just 10 months old he placed 2nd in the One-dog Treeing and won Reserve Point Male in Treeing at the September 2009 Texas show. More recently at the March 2010 Louisiana show Spook won first place in the one-dog treeing out of a field of 78 dogs and also placed 3rd in the 2-dog treeing with Monaghan's Parlay. He is well on his way to earning his NALC Treeing Champion title.

Spook is a very independent and sweet dog. He is very easy to handle. We are proud to have him as part of our kennel.

Spook at two years old.



The pictures below were taken when Spook was 5 months old.  And be sure to check out Spook's first open bay video at the bottom of the page.

May 2009 - This is Spook's first time to A-Bay at just over 6 months old.