Casey's Tuff Enough

(Lee’s Badeaux X Palvick's Lilly Langtree) 

January 23, 2003 - April 23, 2012

My Tuff Man is my heart dog, and he took a piece of it with him when he left this earth. Tuff you will never ever be forgotten, always be loved, and will live on through your offspring and in my heart. May the pain be gone and the hogs be plentiful. Till we meet again one day - I miss you.

Casey's Tuff Enough is a NALC Double Champion, (NALC Class B-Hog Bay Champion & NALC Class A-Hog Bay) and is a CHDA Hog Baying Champion.  Tuff is also NALC pointed in Conformation, Treeing and Obedience. Additionally, in November 2008 Tuff earned the first CHDA Hog Baying Championship title. Visit to learn more about the CHDA.

Tuff began his NALC show career in September 2003 at 8 months old, and before he made a year old was placing in Treeing and B-Bay in addition to winning high point & reserve point awards.  Tuff went on to win the 2003/2004 Nationals Class B – Hog Bay Championship; earning the 2004 B-Bay belt buckle in his first year of competition!  The following February he earned his Class B - Hog Bay Champion and Combination Champion titles.  Tuff is retired from the NALC, and doing what he loves best --baying hogs in open hog-dog competitions.  

Tuff is what I describe as “ALL Catahoula”.  Tuff is a gritty dog with a very high drive and loads of intensity, he has been working since he was four months old.  His early start spoiled me into expecting all puppies to be working like a grown dog at four months old.  Well, unfortunately to my dismay, I had to learn that Tuff was the exception and not the standard.  Even though Tuff is all about business, he is the most comical of the dogs, and he has a very charming, affectionate and devoted nature.  He absolutely loves people as well as children of all ages, most especially my niece Caroline.

No Tuff.....My Ice